Monday, October 23, 2006

Krüger Workshop 2006, Highlights

A group of 18 diverse artists joined the 2nd Krüger Professional Artists' Workshop held in one of Germany's most beautiful tourism areas, Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Krüger showed the attendees a number of unpublished works and new paintings, and talked about his upcoming projects.

'DaVinci', the art brush producers, were in attendance to provide useful information about their acrylic brushes.
During the 5 days seminar all participants worked on 3 main themes.

Sketches and paintings of:
King Ludwig II
Richard Wagner
"Wolpertinger" (a fable animal)

In a 3 hour live presentation Krüger painted an image of the famous German composer, Richard Wagner. The group of artists took side trips visiting the castles of King Ludwig II. "Linderhof" Castle and "Neuschwanstein" or "Cinderella's Castle".

A special thanks for the great hospitality of the hotel Mercure staff in Partenkirchen.

News about next year's 2007 workshop coming soon!