Thursday, November 15, 2007

Krüger Workshop 2007, Highlights

The 3rd Krüger Professional Artists' Workshop was organized by Krüger's art management in one of Germany's most beautiful tourism areas, St. Goar in the Rheinland.

Krüger gave an intensive review on the past year, presenting new art projects, new paintings and drawings.
The German art brush producer 'DaVinci' provided useful information about their acrylic brushes incl. test kits. Company Schmincke provided acrylic paint for all participants.

During the 5 days seminar all participants worked on 3 main themes.

Sketches and paintings of:
Ludwig van Beethoven
Legend of Nibelungen (Siegfried)

A unique smiling Ludwig van Beethoven done on two canvases emerged from Krüger's 4 hour live painting demonstration. The group of artists took side trips visiting the town of Boppard and the House of German History in Bonn.

A special thanks for the great hospitality of the hotel Schloss Rheinfels staff in St. Goar.

News about next year's 2008 workshop coming soon!

For further information please contact Bernd.